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i2 Defence Services

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We cover much more than what is described below to keep our competitors behind.

  • Ionising radiation regulations 1999 code of practice and guidance which includes safety aspects before using x ray machines.

  • Brief threat analysis of your company and what it may receive into the post room before it heads out to your departments.

  • IED breakdown of the mechanics of the makeup up threat mail and IED's

  • Classroom based Powerpoint presentation on improvised explosive devices and threat mail including substance mail.

  • Hands on training with our mock packages, letters and other inert materials.  We allow your staff to handle our packages so they actually feel the weights and dimensions of what a real device may look like.

  • We train your staff to identify packages so you do not have to close down your business to a false find.

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From experience you cant beat a full hands on approach when being educated in this field which is why we incorporate mock IED's for your staff to see, feel handle and on occasion smell.  We put all mock items through your scanning machine on site if you have one if not we have enough captured images from our X-Ray machines to give your staff the best education they can walk away with.

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Unlike our competitors we educate your staff on items which appear suspect but they are actully safe every day items

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What makes i2 training  different?


We understand how Bluechip  companies operate more than you realise.

This will become apparant upon correspondance.

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