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i2 Defence Services

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X-Ray machine IED detection training for post room staff,

secretaries and security.

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Do you need counter-IED detection training? We run corporate IED detection training and full military CIED training conducted by a serving military training officer.


Counter IED awareness training and education helping participants on bombing prevention measures, planning protocols for Security companies to help detect IEDs by reviewing specific search techniques.

IED threat, surveillance detection methods, and soft target awareness x-ray bomb detection

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Training and education wing

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Scenario training


We have several scenarios that we have been involved with at a critical level in a real-life situation.  We understand how the emergency services operate, how the media take advantage, logistics in moving staff into continuity and more.  We have a vast knowledge of this because we have been involved from the start to the finish of all of these events that we have now formed into scenarios.


We are experienced in putting in certain conflicts as the scenario is played out.  We also guide your staff without belittling them to achieve a positive outcome.  There are a lot of psychological benefits to such scenarios in the workplace in helping your board or management work together as a department.  


These scenarios may cover 'powder mail' in the Post room, business continuity issues where a loss of a building has happened due to water damage, Crime scene, Data centre loss, off site continuity, board room threat to personal dwellings, buildings attack and many more.  We can help your key players at Management or Boardroom level understand these issues and give resolve to potential business loss.  


We can help your team think more broadly from their own departmental areas of expertise and develop those skills into a range of possible outcomes, each backed by the sequence of events that would lead to them.