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i2 Defence Services

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Pre-deployment and hostile environment awareness training

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  • Personal safety in regards to geographical surroundings

  • Insight intel to friendly and hostile inhabitants

  • IED awareness and how military and non military operate in their surroundings.

  • IED recognition and components of an IED.

  • Search techniques and immediate action drills.

  • Using dogs as part of a search team 3D IED.

  • insight into geographical threats to the area you will be visiting or working in.

Full course detail available upon request

HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)

* Required

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This is an exclusive hostile environment awareness training course and is a good insight put together by one of our current and up to date serving military DEMS Bicester instructors.


Not only has he served at the highest level, he also educates Regular and TA personnel before they operate in any hostile environment.  If soldiers do not pass his course they do not immobilise.


He has also educated civilian personnel deploying in the same regions, co-ordinating their travel in extreme hostile places.

About the course

This course is part classroom based due to the high level of  intelligence you will be receiving from our course instructor.


We are currently in the process of designing our outdoor, counter-IED awareness and hostile environment awareness training mock walkthrough area showing what you will come up against from our experienced staff training team.


Our instructor has a full understanding of the current environment that you will be working in and has a large geographical understanding of the hostile area in which you may find yourself working.

Course content is confidential but is released on enquiry after you have been vetted

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