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By iangriffin, Jul 29 2016 02:00PM

Can your post room staff handle a suspect mail incident? Would they know what to do next if a suspect package has been found? The next couple of minutes before a decision is made is business critical. Would people switch off their phones and radios? Get your SOP's reviewed by a specialist at i2 defence services.

By iangriffin, Apr 6 2016 03:44PM

Protecting your assets can help reduce risk to your business. For example, maintaining tangible assets such as your brand or trade secrets, can help to safeguard your business against risks like competitors using your ideas.

Is your building safe? Could you withstand a day where your office is closed and your staff not working? Have you got a disaster recovery plan in place?

By iangriffin, Apr 6 2016 03:41PM

In a survey of 5000 companies, only 45 per cent had business continuity or consequence management plans in place, “many (companies) have decided either rationally or out of indifference that little requires to be done”. The self belief at a higher Management level hopes that 'someone else can deal with it'. Emergency services take time to arrive especially local emergency services who are already stretched to cover the day to day running's. 8 Minutes is the time an ambulance or Fast response car hopes to get to a Heart attack. A building is normally fully evacuated in 4 minutes. Terrorists will have gained knowledge of companies procedures over a period of years on how larger business operate their evacuation process. This can have an internal effect on its staff in the way they work. If they know their Management have not made plans or are simply not aware of any planning being made for an evacuation then their confidence in the workplace suffers. As an employer you need the best performance from your staff. Remember your business is there to make money. Much of the UK’s critical infrastructure that is a likely target for attack - water and energy suppliers, financial institutions, transport and telecommunications networks - is now in private hands. As shown by the scale and speed of disruption during the fuel crisis, this economic backbone is vulnerable to organised terrorist action. The days of pre warned attacks are less likely and Terrorist cells are likely to produce damage on a much larger scale. Small and larger Companies should take part in scenario planning along with short term office relocation to continue business trading. If this small article gives you a pause for thought about your own policies and procedures we are here to help you along the way and advise you in planning to prepare. Ian Griffin, i2intel - March 2016

By guest, Feb 17 2016 02:56PM

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