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i2 Defence Services

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We are a company who strive to give you the best value for money.  Our education packages have been put together to give you and your colleagues the best possible advantage to deter and detect any vulnerabilities which you may face.


Our mission is to make your staff leave our training sessions feeling more confident and aware of their surroundings, therefore, posing less of a risk to themselves and a potential risk/loss to your company.


For example, one of our team is a Hostile Environment Awareness Training Instructor. He currently trains active, serving soldiers for their MATT 9 qualification before they deploy to hostile battle zones.  He is a British Army CIED DEMS instructor and is as current as the British Army gets.


We start with how we can help you and your business develop by solving your problem.


Our guys are the real deal. We have served in hostile environments and currently train serving soldiers, police, journalists, press and humanitarian aid workers amongst others before they are deployed operationally.


If your company currently educate your staff and have identified possible flaws or weak areas, maybe i2 defence services can help by giving you and your business a fresh outlook and work with you to update your current procedures on a consultancy basis.


Our training packages are up to date with the current climate and risks.


The i2 defence training team currently work within corporate and military sectors and have an excellent understanding of the industry and the people who work within it.


We cover all types of security training, from classroom based IED detection on a corporate level, to military field based operations.  


Another of our training courses involves training personnel who handle packages and mail, such as post room staff, PA's and secretaries. Training covers suspicious packages and X-Ray training.


We also cover pre-deployment training for individuals venturing overseas to potential 'hostile areas', from journalists and press workers to humanitarian aid workers. Military and ex-military personnel who need to be ready to go overseas working in a potentially hostile environment would undergo our more intensive HEAT courses.


We can also provide bespoke packages on a threat analysis basis.  We assess the direct threat and educate your staff accordingly.

DEMS, Bicester. Defence EOD Munitions and Search Training Regiment

Recently attended and passed the All Arms CIED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device) Instructors course held at DEMS, Bicester. The course include the use, and instructing the use of VALLON.

All search techniques involved with the VALLON and its ancillary products.  Qualified to instruct on Ground Sign Awareness, patrolling, compound/building rummage, CIED actions on, route check, CIED Threat Assessment and Forensics.

Qualified VALLON Instructor, Mines Awareness Instructor, MATT 9 Instructor, AA CIED Co-ordinator (Course Ref 8874/1208)

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Corporate and private security risk training services

  • Ian Griffin - Ex military and have served in the Household Cavalry, trained at Bovington Barracks and Lullworth.

  • Ian has also served overseas and currently work alongside high profile Bluechip companies.

  • Ian was tasked to be the Personal Driver to General C Krulak 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps for several years in the UK.

  • Ian was also part of a task force set up by General Krulak to protect HRH Prince Michael of Kent GVCO Driver in Cheshire working alongside London Met Police as a part of the CP team.

  • Post room threat mail & x-ray machine educator at MBNA Corporation

  • Ian has conducted Special Operations in Security at Pangkor Laut heading Asias Global Peace and Leadership Forum in Malaysia.

  • This included setting up armed and unarmed Security, Security Counter surveillance clearance in buildings.

  • Ian has operated at Government level in all security aspects with High level Government officials including Malaysian Military, Head of Malaysian Police force and other Senior Secret service Officials.

Counter-terrorism assessment, training and advice

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